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cnc machine maintenance

CNC Machine Maintenance Services

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CNC Machine Maintenance

Your machine has lots of moving parts, therefore breakdowns are inevitable. However, constant mechatronic failures can result in lost profits not to mention the additional costs of repair. CNC machine tool maintenance is a vital part of your production process that, if implemented correctly, can greatly reduce the risk of expensive downtime.

Our team of experts at Machine Tool Technologies have come up with preventative plans that can be tailored to your factory automation procedures. We focus on three main types of maintenance:

Day by Day CNC Machine Maintenance

Daily care can significantly reduce incidences of major breakdown. Basic checks at the end of each shift can help eliminate unnecessary CNC machine downtime. Our engineers recommend simple actions such as:

  • Lubricating: Daily inspection and proper lubricating intervals will prevent premature wear and tear. Monitor hydraulic fluid pressures. Ensure you use the manufacturer recommended grease and oil. Higher consumption of these fluids may also be indicative of a problem.
  • Cleaning: Foreign objects that make their way into the lubrication system or way cover seals can bring all operations to a complete stop. Washing and wiping down the CNC machine are simple maintenance procedures that keep your machine at optimum performance.

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    Scheduled CNC Machine Maintenance

    Machine Tool Technologies service teams recommend scheduling CNC machine maintenance at regular intervals dependent on the least disruptive times. Some weekly maintenance can be done by your in-house engineers with the guidance of experts who are always available on call. For instance:

    Weekly Checks: For example; cleaning the filter on the CNC control cabinet weekly will significantly improve machine control system cooling.

    Three Month Interval Checks: MTT engineers are available to undertake full enclosure cleaning, fine adjustments, actuator checks, spindle analysis, filter changes, and comprehensive hydraulic checks. We also recommend cleaning and draining of the cooler and lubrication units and refilling them.

    An important procedure during these scheduled CNC machine maintenance is replacing worn out and damaged parts. MTT stocks the latest, technologically-advanced equipment.

    Yearly Checks: Contact Machine Tool Technologies for the exclusive Machine Performance Evaluate Optimise Monitor process. Our engineers also conduct backlash line-up checks on the main axes and gibs adjusting them as required for peak performance.

    Preventative CNC Machine Maintenance

    Routine check-ups allow efficient management of your production schedule and prevent unplanned halts. Preventative CNC machine management only costs you a fraction of the amount it takes to repair breakdowns and the forfeiture accrued in loss of production.

    MTT offers you varying levels of preventative CNC machine maintenance packages customised to your preferences. These keep you in production and ensure longer lasting for your CNC equipment.

    Contact Us for CNC Machine Maintenance

    Whether you need a routine assessment or a full CNC machine maintenance programme, Machine Tool Technologies deliver customer-specific service. We have spare parts on hand to save you the trouble of tied up money in miscellaneous parts.

    Your CNC machine deserves the best maintenance to ensure longevity and optimum production. Contact us today for a wide range of preventative CNC machine maintenance plans, technical support, and customer support.

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