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Machine Tool Metrology

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Machine Tool Metrology

For most workshops, maintaining continuous optimal performance of a machine tool is a constant problem. Manufacturers require reliable machine tools as tolerances and industry regulations become more stringent.

Machine tool metrology is a traceable, data driven solution that brings multiple benefits to high accuracy machining. The manufacturing industry is increasingly embracing the use of varied metrology solutions. 

Increased connectivity between manufacturing assets also provide an appliance for exploitation of metrology data. Issues are critically assessed in relation to the calibration and machine tool accuracy verification aspects of manufacturing metrology. 

MTT engineers use dimensional metrology to estimate spindle and positioning errors that may be consistently expected from your machine tool.

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    MTT Machine Tool Metrology Services 

    Machine Tool Technologies metrology services can be applied in a variety of industries including steelworks, power generation, aerospace, maritime, car manufacturing, and more. Metrology is an exclusive service that takes measurements using light. You can choose from top product types, leaser interferometers, and 3D optical profilers.

    Laser metrology is a non-destructive solution because it is non-contact, fast, and highly sensitive. This metrology solution also produces high resolution and accuracy. Using the latest laser surveying equipment, MTT engineers can measure the most unclear structures. The result of which is highly accurate data that can assist you to make the most informed decision before committing huge financial investments.

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    Benefits of Machine Tool Metrology 

    Metrology allows MTT engineers to create a permanent reference system that can be used time after time. The laser tracker automatically positions itself allowing our engineers to troubleshoot and find the root cause of deviation in the machine tool. 

    Modern machine tools are increasingly complex which requires more specialised maintenance processes. Routine maintenance often results in an overabundance of data that is captured and stored, but under-utilised. Machines are compensated and corrected to go back into production without addressing the main cause of the problem. These “quick fixes” are more expensive in the long run and may lead to complete breakdown of your asset. 

    Metrology offers a much-needed solution to this problem by providing a consistently permanent point of reference. Measurement data can be collected regularly to establish wear, movement, deterioration, deviation, and more.

    MTT Metrology solutions cut across all types of plants and equipment. 

    Why Choose MTT Machine Tool Metrology?

    In addition to saving costs, our metrology team can perform large-scale metrology network installation and Unified Spatial Metrology Networks.

    Our metrology methods offer an alternative to traditional alignment methods reducing the burden of incremental error over long usage of your machine tool. 

    MTT machine tool technology is the solution your workshop needs to meet government regulation on reduced waste and increased efficiency. We can also help you satisfy shorter production cycles and tighter tolerant parts to meet customer needs. 

    Machine Tool Metrology is a powerful feature. MTT engineers can develop customised metrology solutions to fit your specific industry requirements including automation. We can also create a 3-dimensional survey of your machine tools and dimensions to assist in precision and accuracy.

    Contact Machine Tool Technologies today to enjoy the metrology solutions that give you accurate measurements in any environment. Call 0845 077 9345 or email info@mtt.uk.com.

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