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CNC Machine Repair Services

CNC Machine Repair Services

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CNC Machine Repair

We understand that CNC machines get old and often require CNC machine servicing. Some moving parts suffer from wear and tear, all of which are expected. However, they reduce optimal productivity. At Machine Tool Technologies, we specialise in replacing, restoring and creating custom CNC machine repairs to suit a variety of requirements.

We offer tailor-made solutions for our clients through predictive diagnostic techniques to prevent future breakdowns and inefficiencies.

Key spindle areas in MTT’s CNC machine repair

  • Geometrical errors caused by spindle misalignment
  • Thermal flaws due to internal and external heat damage
  • Vibration errors resulting from constantly moving parts

At Machine Tool Technologies we test all our repairs on multi-axis CNC controllers simulating factory conditions to ensure we offer quality and dependable repairs and spares. Our spindle motors are also system-tested on dedicated stands.

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    Common CNC Machine Repairs by MTT

    • Overheating: Like most machinery CNC equipment is susceptible to overheating. At around 65°C, CNC machine control systems begin to overheat due to filter clogging by dust and debris. This leads to greater numbers of electrical faults, if not addressed speedily.

    Solution: MTT is a reputable industry leader in thermal analysis of CNC machine tools. We provide protrusive thermal imaging to detect poor cooling of control panels, current overload, and the general ‘build-up’ of heat through the machine’s mechanical structures.

    We also stock a wide range of filters for all your CNC machine repair needs. Our team of highly experienced technicians can guide your in-house engineers on the removal and replacement process. We also offer on-site visits for regular and scheduled spare parts replacement.

    • Vibration: CNC machine vibration can significantly reduce its lifespan and at the same time cause ‘surface finish’ issues defective parts. The resultant ‘tool chatter’ may be part-specific or extend throughout the machine.

    Solution: MTT offers vibration analysis as a solution to this problem. CNC machine vibration analysis can be carried out using a system of condition monitoring which is both predictive and diagnostic. Our skilled engineers can identify problems such as misalignment and defective bearings.

    MTT experts can also reduce or increase refraction depth and width to specific measurements to slow down or speed up the machine and reduce the vibrations. These creative measures help prevent critical damage and significantly impact both the machine’s lifespan and the quality of the finished product.

    • Spindle Errors: Few companies use modern spindle analysis tools to diagnose spindle errors, yet these account for up to a third of CNC machine tool errors.

    Solution: With the use of spindle analysis, our engineers can alleviate complete breakdown due to spindle failure. We offer customised spindle investigation packages for each of our clients’ cnc machine servicing specific needs.

    Contact Machine Tool Technologies for all your CNC Machine Repair & CNC Machine Servicing needs

    We are an independent industry leader in the UK with a highly experienced team. We partner with renowned industry innovators in aerospace, automotive, and independent contracting to provide our clients with the latest CNC machine repair technology.

    We focus on finding long-term solutions for recurrent and future problems, reducing machine downtime and loss of production. We are always prepared with the right response for optimum service and technical support.

    Get in touch with our engineers via our contact page and we will respond immediately or we can be reached by calling 0845 077 9345.

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