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CNC Machine Rebuild and Retrofit

CNC Machine Rebuild and Retrofit Services

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CNC Machine Rebuild

CNC machine tool rebuilds are often perceived to be a complicated and expensive process. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost and substantial savings can be achieved. A complete rebuild often means remanufacturing the whole machine. From replacing the motors, ball screws, nuts, gearboxes, to re-wiring and realigning the axes. The only element that stays unchanged is perhaps, the basic steel structure.

Machine Tool Technologies is an industry leader in CNC machine rebuilding. With years of experience and collaboration with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, our experts can help you simplify this complex process.

Advantages of a CNC machine retrofit & rebuild

  • Having similar machines rebuilt reduces maintenance costs significantly due to availability of interchangeable parts
  • CNC machine rebuild can extend its capabilities
  • Manual systems can be converted into sophisticated CNC and automated systems
  • Replacement of old technology with modernised processes
  • Use of the existing machine foundation

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    When is it time for a CNC machine rebuild?

    A major consideration of CNC machine rebuilding is identifying the right time to start the process. Waiting too long could lead to uneven wear and improperly adjusted ‘ways’ which in turn can lead to major machine component failures. This makes the rebuilding process more difficult, costly, and time consuming, contributing to increased machine downtime.

    Telltale signs that it’s time for a rebuild include:

    • Accuracy problems: MTT engineers can fix this using a way alignment restoring your machine to OEM precision at a typically one third to half of the cost of a new machine
    • Excess electrical and mechanical issues. MTT experts recommend a CNC re-fit for faster and better machining
    • Low production scales. We can do a custom CNC machine rebuild to suit your production needs.

    Routine inspection of your machine will help operators identify what parts need to be fixed, avoiding unplanned surprises when the machine is disassembled.

    MTT engineers can also guide you on troubleshooting newly installed CNC machines to establish a baseline. Determining geometric inaccuracies and incorrect installations at an early stage and even before the machine is used can extend its life significantly.

    Case studies

    The CNC Machine Rebuild Process

    CNC machine tool rebuilding often involves disassembly and examination of every electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic system. Where necessary MTT rebuilding experts replace components with OEM-standard, prequalified parts.

    We remove every nut, bolt, hose, pipe, and rivet and where needed. At this point, if the client requires it, we can add newer technologies, such as advanced probing devices.

    A full rebuild should cost no more than 50 to 60% of a new purchase. With proper maintenance, the CNC machine rebuild could run three shifts a day with significantly reduced maintenance costs.

    The choice between rebuilding and replacing is not an obvious one, and with newer technologies available, a thorough cost comparison is necessary.

    MTT engineers can help you evaluate the cost of a rebuild versus that of a new purchase. Taking into consideration factors such as unanticipated stoppages, maintenance, and adjustments. A proper tracking system can also aid in this analysis.

    Why use MTT CNC machine rebuild services?

    We are leaders in the CNC machine tool retrofit and rebuild industry with over 15 years of experience. Our specialist skills in CNC rebuilds deliver significantly optimised performance and production benefits. Using the latest technology, we can generate increased machine capacity while saving you money on purchasing a new CNC machine. Typical CNC machine tool refit projects include:

    5 axis machines

    Large gantry type mills

    Large lathes

    At MTT, we understand the mechanics of CNC machines and our in-house capabilities allow us to customise your machine to your production specifications. To find out more about our CNC machine rebuild process and how we can assist your business, do not hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill in our contact form or call us on 0845 077 9345.

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