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Total Productive Maintenance

Total productive maintenance or TPM is not a new concept, it was first introduced around 1960 and is aimed at reducing unplanned machine tool downtime while markedly increasing production. Nevertheless, the methodologies and pillars of TPM are gaining popularity in the machine tool industry and offers a comprehensive method involving all aspects that relate to, and impact the maintenance of CNC machine tools.

At Machine Tool Technologies we are experienced practitioners of TPM and work with our customers, to keep unscheduled breakdowns to a minimum, delivering high levels of Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE.

TPM Objectives

  • Reduced wastage
  • Reduced production costs by as much as 30%
  • Increased production efficiency and Overall Plant Efficiency
  • Production of low batch quantity in good time
  • Production of high quality, non-defective goods
  • Accident-free work environment
  • Increased machine availability
  • Developing flexible, multi-skilled operators

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    Eight Basic Pillars of TPM

    TPM starts with 5S:

    Sort– eliminating unnecessary clutter in the workplace

    Systemise– organising all remaining items

    Sweep– cleaning the workplace

    Standardise– formulating standards to sort, systemise and sweep

    Self-discipline– ensuring the standards are followed

    The 5S are closely followed by the eight pillars of TPM. These are proactive and preventive methods aimed at improving the reliability of machine tools.

    They are:

    • Autonomous maintenance
    • Focused Improvement
    • Early equipment management
    • Quality Maintenance
    • Scheduled maintenance
    • Training and Education
    • Office TPM
    • Safety Health Environment

    MTT Steps For Effective TPM

    Detailed recording of equipment downtime: These records allow operators and repair teams to track machine performance. By identifying frequently occurring failures, MTT technicians can work on long term solutions. These records should include a detailed description of the problem and the date and time on which it occurred. It is also important to note the resolution steps and plans for permanently corrective action.

    Creating a machine-management team: With the help of MTT technicians, your in-house, cross-functional team can ensure the TPM course of action is duly followed. The team can also conduct troubleshooting processes to catch future problems. Using MTT vibration analysis and thermal analysis, manufacturers can avoid unplanned downtime.

    Formulating cleaning schedules and standards: By helping in the formulation of cleaning routines, MTT technicians can help you maintain your machine tools at optimum performance. We can create a lubrication and replacement of consumable parts schedule customised for your machine’s workload.

    We also train your operators to be on the lookout for common failure indicators. Inspecting common machine components during cleaning can expose leaks, loose connections, and unusual wear marks. Repair and replacement of these parts will significantly reduce major breakdown incidences.

    Contact MTT for all your TPM needs today

    At MTT, we help you achieve sustainable improvement through a fresh and interesting approach to TPM. We are leading experts in the machine tools field having partnered with globally recognised manufacturers. Our TPM methods are not only cheap to implement, they also ensure your CNC and machine tools run longer and more effectively.

    To find out more about our total productive maintenance services, get in touch with our team today. Fill in our contact form or call the team on 0845 077 9345.

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