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predictive maintenance services

Efficient predictive maintenance services

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry. At Machine Tool Technologies, we practise intelligent predictive maintenance reducing production downtime and unexpected costs.

Our highly trained engineers have developed expert comprehension of how to optimise and extend machine tool operational life. Our predictive maintenance routines allow us to predict failures before they occur and gives you ample time to schedule service appointments.


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    Categories of Predictive Maintenance

    A well-maintained CNC machine can last over 20 years with extensive and thorough predictive maintenance. By putting in a little effort, you can maintain the machine at peak performance and increase its life expectancy.

    MTT engineers categorise predictive maintenance in four major sections.

    • Fluids

    Fluids are its lifeblood. They need to be changed frequently and topped off when running low. Our experts recommend changing hydraulic fluid yearly or more frequently depending on the scale of production.

    Using manufacturer-recommended fluids can also go a long way in increasing the life expectancy and performance of your CNC and machine tools.  The specific chemical compositions in these fluids extend the productive life of seals, bearings, motors, and pumps.

    In addition to topping off coolants, it is also important to ensure cleanliness. Make time to clean filters, tanks, and strainers to avoid sludge build-up which may end up clogging your machine. Changing the coolant is also integral to optimal performance. Old coolant, for example, changes Ph that can result in damaged seals, bearing surfaces, and wiring.

    • Filters

    Changing and cleaning machine filters is a big part of predictive maintenance. Most machines come with a removable nylon mesh filter which often ‘clog’ with dust, sludge, and foreign objects. This results in stressed fans and may lead to overheating and subsequent system failure.

    MTT technicians recommend removing and cleaning the filters monthly, or more frequently in high-production conditions. For those air inlets that do not have filters, placing hand-cut filters will increase fan performance.

    Frequent filter replacement is much cheaper compared to cleaning and repairing inaccessible air ducts and fans.

    • Fans

     CNC machines are often designed with several fans to efficiently move cool air all around the machine and its controls to avoid overheating. Checking these fans frequently, cleaning them, and replacing them immediately they start malfunctioning, can save you the expensive costs of replacing a short-circuited control system part.

    Predictive maintenance experts at MTT also use non-invasive thermal analysis to determine the flow of heat and detect potential ‘hot spots’ that can lead to control system premature failure.

    • Cleanliness

    CNC machines benefit greatly from regular cleaning. Removing swarf, chips and debris on way surfaces and turrets can reduce corrosion, and surface damage. MTT experts train your in-house engineers on simple predictive maintenance methods such as using a soft brush to swipe off chips and bits to maintain efficiency in production.

    Cleaning lathe turrets and tool changers can also reduce sludge build up and prevent erratic performance.

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    Contact Machine Tool Technologies For All Your Predictive Maintenance Needs

    Since its inception in 2001, MTT has evolved into a leading provider of CNC machine tools systems and solutions. We offer manufacturers predictive maintenance schedules, routine maintenance programs, engineering support, and training programs.

    Contact us today to keep your CNC machines reliable, precise, and speedy through intelligent predictive maintenance. Simply fill in our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch, or you can speak to someone by calling 0845 077 9345.

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