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Efficient Reliability and Maintainability Engineers

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Reliability and Maintainability Engineer

Reliability and maintainability engineering is centered on studying, characterising, measuring and analysing failure and repair of systems with the goal of improving their operational use. This is done by increasing their design life and by reducing the risk of failure and downtime.

Machine Tool Technologies reliability and maintainability engineers are focused on increasing available operating time. This boosts efficiency and production whilst saving on expensive costs of repair.

What do MTT reliability and maintainability engineers provide?

Reliability is defined as the probability that a machine tool will perform its required function satisfactorily for an expected period of time when used under specified operating conditions.

Maintainability is the probability that the failed component of a machine tool can be restored or repaired to OEM standards within a specified period of time, when maintenance is carried out in accordance with specified procedures.

MTT reliability and maintainability engineers determine the most effective and efficient strategies to improve system performance. This can be done using design improvements, or maintenance planning.

In addition, using simulations, we can assist in decision-making in areas such as scheduled maintenance, planning for replacements, retrofitting and rebuilding, estimating life cycle operational costs, as well as identifying areas that may cause production delays.

We can also conduct in-house training for your engineers and technicians covering areas such as:

  • How to implement a reliability model
  • Dependency on reliability modelling
  • How to identify system improvement opportunities
  • Repairable system analysis
  • Using appropriate and accurate metrics for system analysis
  • Throughput analysis
  • Identifying bottleneck areas in the production stream
  • Backlog processing
  • Optimum reliability allocation

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    Advantages of reliability and maintainability engineering

    Reliability and maintainability engineering increases the complexity and sophistication of machine tools. This enables them to perform at an advanced, efficient level.

    Customers are more aware and insistent on high quality products that can deliver. Reliability and maintenance engineering allows you to produce precise results without delays caused by unexpected breakdowns.

    By making use of MTT’s reliability and maintainability engineer team, you are able to meet government contractual and manufacturing standards. There is also the increased reliability resulting from your ability to maintain performance and production specifications.

    Our professional team are specialists in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) services, where increasing the level of reliability of your CNC machine tools is at the centre of the work we carry out.

    Reliability and maintainability can also increase your profits significantly. Reduced incidences of machine breakdown keep you in production allowing you to make more sales. MTT reliability and maintainability engineers also offer you warranty programs and service contracts tailored to your specific needs.

    Contact Machine Tool Technologies to get in touch our qualified reliability and maintainability engineers

    Every manufacturer understands that equipment which is difficult to maintain cannot be relied upon. It will extend downtime with increased restoration periods, costing you losses in production and expenses in unplanned repairs.

    Our customers are reassured by the highly skilled reliability and maintainability team at MTT. With extensive knowledge acquired from working on a varied range of manufacturers, we deliver the customised solutions to each client.

    We are concerned with the quality of the product. MTT experts can help you identify failure modes and save you the expensive costs of redesigning, repairing, and managing failures.

    Contact us today for routine or comprehensive reliability and maintainability tests, we can be reached via our contact form or by calling 0845 077 9345.

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