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Spindle Vibration Analysis

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Spindle Vibration Analysis

The quality of a manufactured product is proportional to the quality of the machine tool that manufactured it. Although it is not often considered, the spindle vibration significantly affects the performance of a machine tool. Spindle vibration analysis can help production firms avoid manufacturing defects and assembly errors.

Spindle errors also account for a large number of machine tool errors. Using Machine Tool Technologies spindle vibration analysis can prevent breakdowns and production of substandard parts. Our highly experienced team of engineers can prevent catastrophic spindle failure by conducting spindle vibration analysis and catching problems early.

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    Factors that influence machine tool spindle vibration analysis

    The spindle is one of the major elements in a machine tool that keep it performing at optimum levels. It generates high power and torque and significantly high speeds that can result in unavoidable vibration.

    Over time the air gap between the stator and rotor keeps changing with increased speed. There is also significant thermal output although it is more dynamic and speed dependent. However, all these factors greatly impact the rotating bearings by creating centrifugal force.

    Heated bearings cause poor tolerance which in turn causes the vibration problem. The spindle vibration if left without monitoring can cause chocked bearings. This may lead to complete breakdown of your machine tools.

    Other factors that may contribute to spindle vibration include an out-of-balance assembly and interactions between rotating parts that may have damaged surfaces.

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    How MTT experts perform spindle vibration analysis

    Spindle vibration analysis is an important part in the operations of high-speed machining. Machining results are dependent on the interactive movement between the tool and the workpiece. One of the more common spindle vibration analysis techniques is measuring the cutting forces and vibration on the spindle head while it is stationary.

    MTT experts can test for a variety of errors including vibration errors, using spindle vibration analysis measurement equipment. Vibration measurements can also be taken while the spindle is in operation. This makes a significant difference in accuracy and precision.

    MTT also offers other spindle analysis services such as:

    Testing of geometric errors resulting from mechanical imperfections and misalignment

    Testing for thermal errors caused by internal and external heating

    Vibration errors

    Contact MTT for all your spindle vibration analysis needs

    CNC spindle monitoring experts can help save you time and money by measuring your machine specifications before you buy it. Using our preventive maintenance techniques, you can avoid unplanned downtime, scrap parts, missed deliveries, and save you the cost of unnecessary rebuilds.

    By troubleshooting and process improvement, MTT can also help you analyse the root of the problem. You can reach us on call (0845 077 9345) to talk to one of our engineers or book an appointment for a machine tool assessment.

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