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Maintenance of Drilling Machines

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Maintenance of Drilling Machines

Drilling machines are some of the simplest and most accurate machine tools. The drilling machine is made up of a spindle that imparts rotational movement onto the drilling tool which then drives it into the workpiece.

The drilling machine is a single purpose machine with its key function being to make holes. These machines have powerful motors and are highly efficient. They are designed for precise and consistent tasks.

However, the rapid movement also means they are prone to break downs and errors. Wear and tear cannot be avoided, however with proper maintenance your drilling machine’s production life can be extended significantly.

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    Maintenance Procedures

    Test lubricant frequently– Lubrication reduces friction around moving parts. Scheduling regular lubrication extends the drilling machine productive life. It is also important to check that you use the right lubrication.

    Check for wear and tear– Vibration, friction, high temperature and shock contribute greatly to the breakdown of drilling machines. Checking for wear and tear allows you to detect and replace faulty parts as soon as they are noticed. 

    Clean the machine– Drilling machines have many seals and filters. Regular inspection ensures they are in working condition. Filters should also be changed regularly, and breathers kept clean to prevent creation of a vacuum which might suck contamination into the cab. Workers using the machine should also ensure all the holes in the machine are cleaned.

    Sharpen the drilling components– Drilling machinery that has sharp, cutting, and slicing components must be sharpened. Dull cutting components compromise production and reduce efficiency. 

    The sharpness of a machine part also affects the shape and accuracy of the materials that are cut. Ensure all drill bits, end bills, precision cutters, and lathe tools are kept sharp. 

    Check alignment specifications– Drilling machines often have multiple components. Losing alignment can greatly affect the quality of work. You can check alignment by performing a test job and subsequently measuring the resulting parts. If the specifications are inaccurate, you will need to realign the machine.

    Good records of maintenance and repair schedules– Some parts such as fluids, electrical systems and tracks have to be checked frequently for preventive measures. Keeping proper records allows you to have the tools and spare parts necessary on hand to avoid extended downtime. 

    Maintenance records are also important for your employees’ safety. Preventive maintenance schedules diminish the machine downtime significantly.

    Case studies

    MTT – The Drilling Machine Maintenance Solution

    Manufacturers and other professionals who use drilling equipment require reliable equipment that is easy to maintain and will serve its intense purpose for an extended length of time. MTT can help you source for lasting drilling machine maintenance solutions through our extensive industry network.

    Whether you are looking for hydraulic rigs, rotary drilling rigs, truck-mounted drilling rigs, or water drilling rigs, MTT has a solution to all your maintenance and spare part needs. We also offer guidance on how to improve efficiency.

    Our team of professionals are highly experienced in working with drilling machines across a variety of industries. We offer a step-by-step guide on how you can improve the efficiency, precision, and accuracy of your drilling equipment.

    Get in touch with our professional team by calling 0845 077 9345 or email info@mtt.uk.com.

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