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OEE Analysis

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OEE Analysis (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

When it comes to manufacturing efficiency and productivity are key. When a manufacturing process is efficient and productive, losses are reduced, and output is increased. A flawless manufacturing process is one that makes money, but not all processes are flawless.

This is where OEE Analysis (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) comes in. OEE highlights how well a manufacturing operation is doing compared to its full working potential, showcasing how productivity could be improved if certain changes were made. If something is letting the entire process down, OEE Analysis will uncover the issue and provide an insight. OEE is something that increasing numbers of manufacturers are utilising.

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    Understanding OEE Analysis

    OEE Analysis (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) should be a key part of any manufacturing process, as it’s a universal way of measuring manufacturing productivity. OEE measures just how productive a manufacturing process is by identifying the percentage of time that everything is being truly productive, with an OEE score of 100% meaning that the process is truly productive at all times and is manufacturing only good parts. The higher the OEE score, the better. This signals impressive manufacturing production and low stop times, something that all manufacturers should be aiming for.

    An OEE score of 100% means that the process is manufacturing only good parts, is working as fast as possible and has no stop time. If the OEE is less than 100%, necessary improvements to be made will be clear.

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    How Machine Tool Technologies OEE Analysis Can Help

    Measuring the OEE of a manufacturing process is best practice, which means that it is something all manufacturers should be doing regularly without question. By measuring the OEE and noting down the insights, it is possible to make improvements and to avoid future failures. If the OEE doesn’t come back as 100%, the information fathered will allow you to systematically improve the manufacturing process in the best way. For example, you may need to work on improving on the quality of the parts being produced or reducing the stop time. With OEE, any manufacturer can identity losses and benchmark their progress. OEE highlights failures and guides manufacturers towards a flawless production process.

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    At MTT, we understand that all manufacturers want their processes to be as efficient and productive as possible. Otherwise, you may be dealing with unnecessary losses and avoidable downtimes. This is why we put so much emphasis on the importance of OEE. It doesn’t matter on the complexities of your manufacturing processes, OEE can help and MTT can take care of it for you.

    If you would like to know more about the productivity of your current manufacturing processes and the overall equipment effectiveness that you are dealing with, get in touch with Machine Tool Technologies. Contact us today on 0845 077 9345 and speak to a member of the team. Alternatively, get in touch via the online contact form.

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