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Machine Tool Monitoring

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Machine Tool Monitoring

It’s not always easy to know where a process is failing, especially if there are a lot of machine tools being used at once and everything appears to be in good working order. Most manufacturers will use a variety of machine tools, such as wheel lathes and milling machines, and these are controlled by a central CNC machine. However, for the CNC machine to do control perform seamlessly, the machine tools themselves must be working well and in conjunction with one another. However, this isn’t always the case and problems can occur.

Machine tool monitoring systems gather information from the main CNC machine, before then processing everything and interpreting the data. With the information gathered, it is possible to determine where any weaknesses and failures are in the overall production process. If there’s a machine tool that is slowing production down or a machine tool that’s inaccurate, this information will be picked up by machine tool monitoring. Then changes can be made in order to improve the overall manufacturing process.

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    The Importance of Machine Tool Monitoring

    Machine tool monitoring is a vital activity for businesses with an entire outfit of machine tools, all relying on each other to work optimally. There are several benefits to machine tool monitoring:

    Optimise Performance– There are a number of benefits that come with machine tool monitoring, such as it helps to boost the performance of CNC machines. By monitoring machine tools and gathering information about their operation, it’s possible to determine how a CNC machine is operating and where improvements can be made. This helps to cut down on the overuse of worn tools, faulty parts and inefficiency. With the information that machine tool monitoring collects, you can make necessary changes to improve equipment effectiveness. This helps to boost performance, efficiency and productivity.

    Reducing Faults and Failures– With machine tool monitoring, it’s possible to time stamp individual processes and record when certain events happen. With this information, unwanted faults and failures can be avoided. It helps to reduce the chances of further damage occurring after a problem has arisen, as monitoring a machine tool will highlight a problem immediately. If there is a problem, the entire process can be halted to avoid any further damage being done.

    Case studies

    Machine Tool Monitoring at Machine Tool Technologies

    At MTT, we offer machine tool monitoring to top manufacturers. We understand how important it is for the production process to work flawlessly and machine tool monitoring is one of the most accurate ways to highlight any problems.

    Rather than sitting back and hoping a serious problem doesn’t occur, machine tool monitoring will prevent small faults from turning into something more severe. In order to manufacture in an efficient and effective way, all machine tools must always be working to the best of their ability. By monitoring them, anything slowing things down can be addressed and improved upon. To find out more about machine tool monitoring or any of our other machine tool services, get in touch with the MTT team. Speak to us today on 0845 077 9345 or via the online contact form.

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