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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

22nd July 2019

Digital transformation in manufacturing is a trending topic, with many manufacturing leaders paving the way in how to implement the digital world into factories.

However, as with any new trend within the industry you must consider how this could benefit your individual business and products. Our team at MTT have worked with many businesses on integrating digital technologies into their manufacturing process to improve key performance indicators across their business.

To assist your decision, we explore the main aspects of digital transformation in manufacturing throughout this article and will hopefully give you can insight into whether digital transformation is suitable for your business.

Servitisation infrastructure necessitates digital transformation in manufacturing

The increasing demand for outcomes and services by customers is called servitisation. It ventures beyond customer satisfaction and offers manufacturers the ability to retain customers. However, to enable manufacturers maximise product uptime and preempt downtime before it occurs, new technologies have to be adopted.

This involves use of cutting edge tech such as machine learning, sensors, and IoT. MTT in collaboration with leading IT companies is implementing frameworks that bring valuable data together to create digital innovation in the manufacturing sector.

Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturers are now more focused on customised production and less on mass production. This is happening through:

IoT, Industry 4.0

IoT is a connected technology that will revolutionise the manufacturing industry by providing real-time alerts and feedback. The creation of software enabled products has greatly improved after-sale service and support.

This brings to life the vision of intelligent equipment and smart-machinery that is capable of detecting problems and correcting issues while making its own decisions. It has also freed up a lot manpower by introducing virtual warehouses.

AI, Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms in the manufacturing industry are transforming collection of information, use of labour, and even predicting consumer trends. Smart factories running on integrated IT systems now have increased production capabilities, better product quality and precision, and efficiency.

MTT engineers can help you install sensor networks that are more efficient than manual operators. This reduces time and materials wasted. It also increases accuracy and efficiency of workflow.

Automated Technology, Robotics

The use of robotics to perform tasks that are dangerous or unsuitable for employees is providing a safer work environment. Combined innovations such as placing sensors on robots, provides critical feedback and data.

This leads to speedy identification of mechanical issues and repair, and reduced delays.

Improved Speed and Efficiency

Improved predictive accuracy has seen more companies achieve better monitoring processes. This improves OEE significantly. By accessing information quickly and easily, employees can act quickly and accordingly.

Improved speed and efficiency reduce costs and assures you of better-quality control.

MTT is a global leader in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry

MTT has invested greatly in CNC and machine tool research and development. We have forged significant research partnerships with globally recognised organisations, in an effort to develop digital solutions that will transform the manufacturing industry.

Contact us for the latest digital developments and product technologies.

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