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MTT Refurbishes a head attachment of one of the largest gantry milling machines in the UK

27th November 2019

The team at Machine Tool Technologies have recently provided support and repair services on one of the largest gantry milling machines across the United Kingdom.

MTT’s experts were tasked with repairing a milling head attachment of the milling machine, which is a core part of the production process, being utilised 75% of the time. However, despite there being regular maintenance carried out on the head attachment, there was no way of knowing the extent of the wear nor when a refurbishment will be required.

MTT successfully fully refurbished the milling head by carrying out a full disassembly, detailed assessment, replacement of bearings, seals ,spring sets, hirth coupling, regrinding of the spindle taper, reassembly, repaint, resetting of the geometry and site accepetance testing. In addition, MTT have included technology which provides a means of monitoring the run time of the head for predictive maintenance and planning future refurbishments.

MTT’s predictive maintenance services for the machine tool industry

This recent project is an excellent example of the innovative solutions MTT’s team create for machine tool problems . We work with clients throughout the World on complex issues such as the above, where time and money is being wasted by inefficiencies within the machine tool components.

Our entire ethos at Machine Tool Technologies is based around being honest with our clients, if there is an alternative solution which will save time and money in the long run – we’ll implement it. MTT’s expertise has been developed throughout our time in the industry, which has positioned our team as industry leaders.

Whatever your requirements for predictive maintenance services for the machine tool industry, look no further than Machine Tool Technologies. To speak to a member of our experienced team simply call 0845 077 9345 or email info@mtt.uk.com and we will be in touch.


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