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Productive Maintenance and Your Business

17th January 2020

Productive maintenance is focused on preventing problems and breakdowns from occurring. While often viewed as an unnecessary expenditure, it is a strategy that has been proven to save time and money while increasing production efficiency.

Machine Tool Technologies has overseen many transitions from reactive maintenance helping many manufacturers make significant long-term savings. Introducing and implementing simple activities that keep the machine running in optimal condition prevents expensive breakdowns and reactive repairs.

These activities can include:

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Parts replacement
  • Adjustment
  • Calibration
  • Simple repairs

How productive maintenance could benefit your business

Reducing unplanned downtime: By scheduling repairs for the most convenient time, you can avoid losses incurred through revenue lost from inefficient production and stagnant employee wages.

Reducing expensive costs incurred from reactive maintenance: Reactive maintenance often costs more in terms of maintenance crews, expedited shipping costs, not to mention potentially losing clients due to missed deadlines. Preventive maintenance is a proactive strategy that lets you plan ahead to avoid unforeseen, expensive fixes.

Increases operational efficiency: Routine maintenance of your machine tool equipment maintains operations at optimal efficiency. This means they use energy and resources efficiently too reducing operational costs and significantly reducing your environmental footprint.

Significantly impacts the life of your equipment: Repair and replacement of parts as they wear and tear gives your equipment longevity. MTT understands the need for efficient operations that maximise the lifespan of your machine tools and ensure you get your ROI.

Increases your company’s reliability: Customers rely on manufacturers to get their parts on time. Preventive maintenance reduces incidences of delay, inconsistency and low-quality products because of machine failure. As a result, you will get happy customers, increased referrals, and improved sales.

Maintenance reduces major repairs: Major repairs are costly and can be overwhelming to deal with all at once. By breaking down repair projects and addressing them over time, they are easier to handle and cost less.

MTT’s Total Productive Maintenance

Total preventive maintenance engages machine operators, involving them in routine maintenance practices. This ensures every part of the machine is able to perform its tasks efficiently. MTT engineers are experts at implementing TPM.

Through on-site maintenance training sessions, we can show your production operators to handle routine maintenance functions. This not only fosters shared responsibility, it also frees up your engineers for more specialised tasks.

Total preventive maintenance focuses mainly on elements that account for major losses such as downtime, speed loss, minor stops, scrap, and rework. Under TPM operators conduct routine activities under the seven pillars:

  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Focused Improvement
  • Planned maintenance
  • Quality maintenance
  • Training
  • Office TPM
  • Safety, health, and environment

Machine Tool Technologies offers you total productive maintenance practices that will benefit your business

We are a specialist machine tool service provider. Our highly trained team of engineers are eager to help you achieve optimum performance from your machine tools by implementing the best maintenance practices.

We offer a wide range of services from optimisation, to machine tool capability testing, and maintenance. Working alongside your in-house specialists, we will ensure your machine tools perform at optimum efficiency, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

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