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The impact of Machine learning and AI on the future of CNC machining

09th April 2022

CNC machinery has paved the way in manufacturing and machining, allowing businesses to improve their manufacturing processes in a variety of ways. However, the manufacturing industry is constantly developing, and with new technologies being introduced, it is important to look to the future of CNC machining.

Particularly, areas such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring a whole host of questions around the future of machining and how these concepts will develop and impact how companies run their manufacturing processes.

How will new technologies impact on CNC machining?

When the first CNC machine was developed in 1952, they were (and still are) considered leading technology to assist manufacturers with improving accuracy during the manufacturing process.

However, as with any industry there are constant developments and additional technologies which can be implemented to improve how the machinery operates. Research into technologies and concepts such as automation also allow both manufacturers and machine tool maintenance specialists to understand key questions about the future of machining, aiding the development of CNC machining for years to come.

There are no quick fixes in terms of machine learning and AI development, instead they require ongoing work and maintenance to ensure they are being optimised properly overtime. Each business also has different goals, and so these technologies must be implemented with each KPI in mind.

A key question for many manufacturers is the role of human interaction within the manufacturing process. However, this is a question which will take many years to answer as developments occur and change the way in which humans must interrupt the workflow.

The future of Machine Tool Maintenance

Machine learning and artificial intelligence also tie in closely with machine tool maintenance, moving forwards predictive and preventative methods which are both geared towards decreasing downtime and improving productivity of the manufacturing process.

Machine tool maintenance is an essential part of the manufacturing process, without this machinery will fail to be consistent and accurate overtime. At MTT we have worked with a huge range of customers on developing machine learning, AI and other Industry 4 practices into their manufacturing process.

We also provide these services across a huge range of machinery brands and types, therefore if you have a range of CNC machines at your outfit, we are here to ensure they work cohesively.

Work with our Machine Tool Experts

Although CNC machining can be a forward-thinking industry, our team have worked with many companies who have been simply trying to ‘catch up’ with the latest technologies and infrastructures for successful machining.

However, we specialise in working with companies that want to pave the way for other manufacturers, optimising their processes and excelling beyond their competitors. We understand the steps we need to take to progress into the future of CNC machining, using our relationship with UoH to expand on potential avenues for machine learning and AI.

Whatever your requirements for CNC machine tool maintenance and Industry 4 development, our team are here to help. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a specialist machine tool maintenance and support team, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Simply call us on 0845 077 9345 or email info@mtt.uk.com and we will respond to your enquiry.

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