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Research and development resources

Some of the projects we are currently working on and resources based around the future of our industry

Curent projects Documentation

Modelling Machine Errors

Developing a predictive simulation tool for milling operations which integrates both machine tool and machining process models to provide prediction and visualisation of form errors.

Degradation Monitoring with Deep Learning

Monitoring the degradation of two parallel ball screws in a 5-Axis gantry machine tool, based on data from an acoustic emission sensor and machine learning technology.

Adaptive Decision Support for Machine Tool Maintenance Strategy

A decision support aid for machine tool owners to utilise while deciding upon a maintenance strategy. Furthermore, the decision support tool is adaptive and capable of suggesting different strategies by monitoring for any change in machine tool manufacturing accuracy.

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MTT support £10m+ 5G Factory of the Future project

  Last month saw the 5G Factory of the Future project draw to a close, hosted at...

Company news
sustainability in manufacturing

Preventive, predictive or breakdown maintenance: Which is right for your business?

Manufacturing companies are often faced with increasing unit production requirements ...

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